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ActiveSocket 3.1 is the newest version of the ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit. The mission of the product is to provide a collection of useful network communication tools for a variety of development platforms.


- IPtoCountry -

  • New IPtoCountry class. The IPtoCountry object translates IP address to countries. Use it for web server log analysis, marketing purposes etc.

- UDP -

  • New Udp class. The ActiveSocket Udp object is based on the Transport Control protocol (UDP) protocol. UDP does not guarantee reliability or ordering in the way that TCP does. Datagrams may arrive out of order, appear duplicated, or go missing without notice. Avoiding the overhead of checking whether every packet actually arrived makes UDP faster and more efficient, at least for applications that do not need guaranteed delivery. Time-sensitive applications often use UDP because dropped packets are preferable to delayed packets. UDP's stateless nature is also useful for servers that answer small queries from huge numbers of clients. Unlike TCP, UDP supports packet broadcast (sending to all on local network) and multicasting (send to all subscribers).

- TCP -

  • The 'Socket' class has been renamed to 'Tcp'. It has been renamed to avoid confusion with the new 'Udp' class. The old 'Socket' class is still available for backward compatibility.
  • New property: 'Newline'. This property holds the newline character sequence that is used in the 'SendString' and 'ReceiveString' functions. In previous versions of ActiveSocket, this Newline was set to CR-LF (carriage return / linefeed), hardcoded. In v.3.1, it is configurable.

- HTTP -

  • The HTTP object now makes use of the WinHTTP library of the operating system, i.e. the WinHTTP.dll that comes with the operating systems. In previous version of ActiveSocket, a separate library (WinHTTP5.dll) was shipped and used.

- SNMP -

  • The 'SnmpData' object is renamed to 'SnmpObject' in v.3.1. This object is now also used in Snmp Trap operations.


  • The 'SnmpTrapData' object doesn't exist anymore. Instead, there's a new object called 'SnmpTrap'. This 'SnmpTrap' object has some basic properties like 'Host' and 'Community', and provides functions to add/retrieve objects (of type; 'SnmpObject');
  • The function 'Send' now requires the new 'SnmpTrap' object as its only parameter.


- Installation -

To learn more about installing the product for the first time, please read our manual. You can download the manual at

- Upgrade from ActiveSocket 3.0 -

Upgrade to ActiveSocket 3.1 in the following way:

  • Uninstall the ActiveSocket 3.0 product. Use the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet in the Control Panel to start the Uninstall procedure;
  • Download the ActiveSocket 3.1 Installation file from the ActiveXperts Software web site:;
  • Start the ActiveSocket 3.1 Installation. The InstallShield wizard will guide you through the steps of the installation.

Please note that some interfaces of ActiveSocket have changed. The following interfaces have changed:

  • The 'SnmpData' object is renamed to 'SnmpObject'; the same properties are used as before;
  • The 'SnmpTrapManager::Send' function does not take two parameters (host and community) anymore. It now only takes one parameter: a reference to the 'SnmpTrap' object. This 'SnmpTrap' object holds the 'Host' and 'Community' properties, and provides functions to add/list SNMP objects;
  • The 'Socket' object is renamed to 'Tcp'. So, all references to the 'Socket' object should be replaced by a reference to the 'Tcp' object. However, the 'Socket' object is still available for backward compatibility.