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Odom Echotrac MKIII | Eye4Software Hydromagic

Odom Echotrac MKIII Dual Frequency Echo Sounder supported by Eye4Software Hydromagic Software

The Teledyne Odom's ECHOTRAC MKIII is the echo sounder for you! It's the only sounder on the market offering you the choice of either a high-resolution thermal paper recorder or a full-sized color LCD chart in inter- changeable module format. When it comes from Teledyne Odom, you know it's durable, easy to use and backed by the best customer service in the industry. Both high and low channels feature frequency agility, enabling the operator to precisely match the transceiver to almost any existing transducer. This matching ability minimizes near-sur- face noise caused by transducer ringing while increasing echo return strength. The MKIII is capable of both shallow and deep- water operations, and it features unsurpassed interfacing flex- ibility with four serial ports and high speed Ethernet capability for maximum efficiency. More than 30 years of technology enhancements, along with un- paralleled performance and precision make TOH sounders the number 1 choice for Hydrographic Offices around the world.