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Win32_DiskDrive powershell sample code

The foundations for Manageability in Windows is Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI; formerly WBEM) and WMI extensions for Windows Driver Model (WDM).

ActiveXperts Network Monitor provides the ability to build monitor check routines based on WMI. ActiveXperts has collected more than a hundred WMI samples. You can use these samples as a base for new check routines you can write yourself. The Win32_DiskDrive WMI class can be used in ActiveXperts Network Monitor to monitor your servers.


The Win32_DiskDrive WMI class represents a physical disk drive as seen by a computer running the Windows operating system. Any interface to a Windows physical disk drive is a descendent (or member) of this class. The features of the disk drive seen through this object correspond to the logical and management characteristics of the drive. In some cases, this may not reflect the actual physical characteristics of the device. Any object based on another logical device would not be a member of this class.

Sample Code

$computer = "LocalHost" 
$namespace = "root\CIMV2" 
Get-WmiObject -class Win32_DiskDrive -computername $computer -namespace $namespace