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Win32_StartupCommand perl sample code

The foundations for Manageability in Windows is Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI; formerly WBEM) and WMI extensions for Windows Driver Model (WDM).

ActiveXperts Network Monitor provides the ability to build monitor check routines based on WMI. ActiveXperts has collected more than a hundred WMI samples. You can use these samples as a base for new check routines you can write yourself. The Win32_StartupCommand WMI class can be used in ActiveXperts Network Monitor to monitor your servers.


The Win32_StartupCommand WMI class represents a command that runs automatically when a user logs onto the computer system.

Sample Code

use strict;
use Win32::OLE('in');

use constant wbemFlagReturnImmediately => 0x10;
use constant wbemFlagForwardOnly => 0x20;

my @computers = ("DELL17");
foreach my $computer (@computers) {
   print "\n";
   print "==========================================\n";
   print "Computer: $computer\n";
   print "==========================================\n";

   my $objWMIService = Win32::OLE->GetObject("winmgmts:\\\\$computer\\root\\CIMV2") or die "WMI connection failed.\n";
   my $colItems = $objWMIService->ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_StartupCommand", "WQL",
                  wbemFlagReturnImmediately | wbemFlagForwardOnly);

   foreach my $objItem (in $colItems) {
      print "Caption: $objItem->{Caption}\n";
      print "Command: $objItem->{Command}\n";
      print "Description: $objItem->{Description}\n";
      print "Location: $objItem->{Location}\n";
      print "Name: $objItem->{Name}\n";
      print "SettingID: $objItem->{SettingID}\n";
      print "User: $objItem->{User}\n";
      print "UserSID: $objItem->{UserSID}\n";
      print "\n";