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ActiveXperts Network Monitor is an advanced and easy tool for monitoring LAN and WAN networks, network servers, workstations and TCP/IP devices. It has a large set of built-in checks, and you can add new checks by writing scripts. You can use VBScript (Windows) or RSH (UNIX) for it. VBScript checks can use WMI and ADSI. WMI is an interface to a broad range of properties of a computer/OS/application. With ADSI, you can monitor Directory Services.

Use the samples below to get used to various WMI classes, and use these classes in your own, custom ActiveXperts Network Monitor check. Each sample below can also be copied to a new file and then run from the command prompt (CSCRIPT.EXE <file>.vbs).

Overview of the Win32_PerfFormattedData_InetInfo WMI classes

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