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Test-AppLockerPolicy - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Specifies the AppLocker policy to determine whether the input files will be allowed to run for a given user.

Test-AppLockerPolicy [-XmlPolicy] <String> [-Filter <List<PolicyDecision>>] [-User <String>] -Path <List<String>> [<Com
Test-AppLockerPolicy [-XmlPolicy] <String> [-Filter <List<PolicyDecision>>] [-User <String>] -Packages <List<AppxPackag
e>> [<CommonParameters>]
Test-AppLockerPolicy [-PolicyObject] <AppLockerPolicy> [-Filter <List<PolicyDecision>>] [-User <String>] -Path <List<St
ring>> [<CommonParameters>]

The Test-AppLockerPolicy cmdlet specifies the AppLocker policy to determine whether a list of files is allowed to run o
n the local computer for a specified user.

To test AppLocker rules for a nested group, a representative member of the nested group should be specified for the Use
r parameter. For example, a rule that allows the Everyone group to run calc.exe may not appear to apply correctly when 
the nested Finance group for the User parameter is specified. Instead, a representative member of the Finance group sho
uld be specified for the User parameter.