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Set-BitsTransfer - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Modifies the properties of an existing Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer job.

Set-BitsTransfer [-BitsJob] <BitsJob[]> [-Authentication <string>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [-Description <string>]
 [-DisplayName <string>] [-Priority <string>] [-ProxyAuthentication <string>] [-ProxyBypass <string[]>] [-ProxyCredenti
al <PSCredential>] [-ProxyList <Uri[]>] [-ProxyUsage <string>] [-RetryInterval <int>] [-RetryTimeout <int>] [-SetOwnerT
oCurrentUser] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [<CommonParameters>]

The Set-BitsTransfer cmdlet modifies the properties of an existing BITS transfer job. You can specify the job that you 
want to modify in the BitsJob parameter. Or, you can specify the job by passing it through the pipeline.