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Remove-WSManInstance - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Deletes a management resource instance.

Remove-WSManInstance [-ResourceURI] <Uri> [-SelectorSet] <Hashtable> [-ApplicationName <String>] [-Authentication <Auth
enticationMechanism>] [-CertificateThumbprint <String>] [-ComputerName <String>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [-OptionS
et <Hashtable>] [-Port <Int32>] [-SessionOption <SessionOption>] [-UseSSL [<SwitchParameter>]] [<CommonParameters>]
Remove-WSManInstance [-ResourceURI] <Uri> [-SelectorSet] <Hashtable> [-Authentication <AuthenticationMechanism>] [-Cert
ificateThumbprint <String>] [-ConnectionURI <Uri>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [-OptionSet <Hashtable>] [-SessionOptio
n <SessionOption>] [<CommonParameters>]

The Remove-WSManInstance deletes an instance of a management resource that is specified in the ResourceURI and Selector
Set parameters.

This cmdlet uses the WinRM connection/transport layer to delete the management resource instance.