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Register-CimIndicationEvent - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Subscribes to indications using a filter expression or a query expression.

Register-CimIndicationEvent [-ClassName] <String> [[-SourceIdentifier] <String>] [[-Action] <ScriptBlock>] [-ComputerNa
me <String>] [-Forward] [-MessageData <PSObject>] [-Namespace <String>] [-OperationTimeoutSec <UInt32>] [-SupportEvent]
Register-CimIndicationEvent [-Query] <String> [[-SourceIdentifier] <String>] [[-Action] <ScriptBlock>] [-Forward] [-Mes
sageData <PSObject>] [-Namespace <String>] [-OperationTimeoutSec <UInt32>] [-QueryDialect <String>] [-SupportEvent] -Ci
mSession <CimSession> [<CommonParameters>]
Register-CimIndicationEvent [-ClassName] <String> [[-SourceIdentifier] <String>] [[-Action] <ScriptBlock>] [-Forward] [
-MessageData <PSObject>] [-Namespace <String>] [-OperationTimeoutSec <UInt32>] [-SupportEvent] -CimSession <CimSession>
Register-CimIndicationEvent [-Query] <String> [[-SourceIdentifier] <String>] [[-Action] <ScriptBlock>] [-ComputerName <
String>] [-Forward] [-MessageData <PSObject>] [-Namespace <String>] [-OperationTimeoutSec <UInt32>] [-QueryDialect <Str
ing>] [-SupportEvent] [<CommonParameters>]

The Register-CimIndicationEvent cmdlet subscribes to indications using an indication class name or a query expression.

Use the SourceIdentifier parameter give a name to the subscription.

This cmdlet returns a PS EventSubscription object. You can use this object to cancel the subscription.