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New-PSTransportOption - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Creates an object that contains advanced options for a session configuration.

New-PSTransportOption [-IdleTimeoutSec <Int32>] [-MaxConcurrentCommandsPerSession <Int32>] [-MaxConcurrentUsers <Int32>
] [-MaxIdleTimeoutSec <Int32>] [-MaxMemoryPerSessionMB <Int32>] [-MaxProcessesPerSession <Int32>] [-MaxSessions <Int32>
] [-MaxSessionsPerUser <Int32>] [-OutputBufferingMode <OutputBufferingMode>] [-ProcessIdleTimeoutSec <Int32>] [<CommonP

The New-PSTransportOption cmdlet creates an object that contains transport options for session configurations. You can 
use the object as the value of the TransportOption parameter of cmdlets that create or change a session configuration, 
such as the Register-PSSessionConfiguration and Set-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlets.

You can also change the transport option settings by editing the values of the session configuration properties in the 
WSMan: drive. For more information, see WSMan Provider.

The session configuration options represent the session values set on the "server-side," or receiving end of a remote c
onnection. The "client-side," or sending end of the connection, can set session option values when the session is creat
ed, or when the client disconnects from or reconnects to the session. Unless stated otherwise, when the setting values 
conflict, the client-side values take precedence. However, the client-side values cannot violate maximum values and quo
tas set in the session configuration.

Without parameters, New-PSTransportOption generates a transport option object with null values for all of the options. 
If you omit a parameter, the object has a null value for the property that the parameter represents. A null value has n
o effect on the session configuration.

For more information about session options, see New-PSSessionOption. For more information about session configurations,
 see about_Session_Configurations (

This cmdlet is introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.