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New-PSSessionConfigurationFile - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Creates a file that defines a session configuration.

New-PSSessionConfigurationFile [-Path] <String> [-AliasDefinitions <Hashtable[]>] [-AssembliesToLoad <String[]>] [-Auth
or <String>] [-CompanyName <String>] [-Copyright <String>] [-Description <String>] [-EnvironmentVariables <Object>] [-E
xecutionPolicy <ExecutionPolicy>] [-FormatsToProcess <String[]>] [-FunctionDefinitions <Hashtable[]>] [-Guid <Guid>] [-
LanguageMode <PSLanguageMode>] [-ModulesToImport <Object[]>] [-PowerShellVersion <Version>] [-SchemaVersion <Version>] 
[-ScriptsToProcess <String[]>] [-SessionType <SessionType>] [-TypesToProcess <String[]>] [-VariableDefinitions <Object>
] [-VisibleAliases <String[]>] [-VisibleCmdlets <String[]>] [-VisibleFunctions <String[]>] [-VisibleProviders <String[]
>] [<CommonParameters>]

The New-PSSessionConfigurationFile cmdlet creates a file of settings that define a session configuration and the enviro
nment of sessions that are created by using the session configuration. To use the file in a session configuration, use 
the Path parameters of the Register-PSSessionConfiguration or Set-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlets.

The session configuration file that New-PSSessionConfigurationFile creates is a human-readable text file that contains 
a hash table of the session configuration properties and values. The file has a .pssc file name extension.

All parameters of New-PSSessionConfigurationFile are optional, except for the Path parameter. If you omit a parameter, 
the corresponding key in the session configuration file is commented-out, except where noted in the parameter descripti

A "session configuration" also known as an "endpoint" is a collection of settings on the local computer that define the
 environment for Windows PowerShell sessions (PSSessions) that connect to (terminate at) the computer. All PSSessions u
se a session configuration. To specify a particular session configuration, use the ConfigurationName parameter of cmdle
ts that create a session, such as the New-PSSession cmdlet.

A session configuration file makes it easy to define a session configuration without complex scripts or code assemblies
. The settings in the file are used in addition to the optional startup script and any assemblies in the session config

For more information about session configurations and session configuration files, see about_Session_Configurations (ht
tp:// and about_Session_Configuration_Files (

This cmdlet is introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.