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New-NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoProposal - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Creates a quick mode cryptographic proposal that specifies a suite of cryptographic protocols to offer in IPsec quick mode negotiations with other computers.

New-NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoProposal [-AHHash <HashAlgorithm>] [-Encapsulation <IPsecEncapsulation>] [-Encryption <Encry
ptionAlgorithm>] [-ESPHash <HashAlgorithm>] [-MaxKiloBytes <UInt64>] [-MaxMinutes <UInt64>] [<CommonParameters>]

The New-NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoProposal cmdlet creates a single cryptographic proposal to be used in quick mode negotia

A NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoProposal object provides the necessary security parameters for the negotiation of a quick mode
 security association (SA). The IPsec protocol, either AH or ESP, is provide in the Encapsulation parameter, the hashin
g algorithm for data integrity and authentication in the AHHash and ESPHash parameters, and the algorithm for encryptio
n, if requested, in the Encryption parameter.

Multiple NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoProposal fields are grouped into a single NetIPsecQuickModeCryptoSet object. The quick 
mode exchange will use the first proposal that the peers have in common. A NetIPsecPhase2AuthSet object and a NetIPsecM
ainModeCryptoSet object get associated to a NetIPsecRule object to provide all the necessary SA parameters for customiz
ed quick mode negotiations.