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Invoke-WebRequest - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Gets content from a web page on the Internet.

Invoke-WebRequest [-Uri] <Uri> [-Body <Object>] [-Certificate <X509Certificate>] [-CertificateThumbprint <String>] [-Co
ntentType <String>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [-DisableKeepAlive] [-Headers <IDictionary>] [-InFile <String>] [-Maxi
mumRedirection <Int32>] [-Method <WebRequestMethod>] [-OutFile <String>] [-PassThru] [-Proxy <Uri>] [-ProxyCredential <
PSCredential>] [-ProxyUseDefaultCredentials] [-SessionVariable <String>] [-TimeoutSec <Int32>] [-TransferEncoding <Stri
ng>] [-UseBasicParsing] [-UseDefaultCredentials] [-UserAgent <String>] [-WebSession <WebRequestSession>] [<CommonParame

The Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet sends HTTP and HTTPS requests to a web page or web service. It parses the response and ret
urns collections of forms, links, images, and other significant HTML elements.

This parameter is introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.