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Get-WindowsOptionalFeature - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Gets information about optional features in a Windows image.

Get-WindowsOptionalFeature [-FeatureName <String>] [-LogLevel <LogLevel>] [-LogPath <String>] [-PackageName <String>] [
-PackagePath <String>] [-ScratchDirectory <String>] [-SystemDrive <String>] [-WindowsDirectory <String>] -Online [<Swit
chParameter>] [<CommonParameters>]
Get-WindowsOptionalFeature [-FeatureName <String>] [-LogLevel <LogLevel>] [-LogPath <String>] [-PackageName <String>] [
-PackagePath <String>] [-ScratchDirectory <String>] [-SystemDrive <String>] [-WindowsDirectory <String>] -Path <String>

The Get-WindowsOptionalFeature cmdlet gets information about all features (operating system features that include optio
nal Windows foundation features) in the Windows Foundation Package or a specified package in the Windows image.

Use the PackageName or PackagePath parameter to get information about all features in a specific package in the Windows

The FeatureName parameter gets more detailed information about a specific feature in the Windows image. If the feature 
is not a part of the Windows Foundation package, either a PackageName or PackagePath parameter must be used to specify 
the parent package of the feature.

Use the Online parameter to specify the running operating system on your local computer, or use the Path parameter to s
pecify the location of a mounted Windows image.