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Get-TypeData - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Gets the extended type data in the current session.

Get-TypeData [[-TypeName] <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]

The Get-TypeData cmdlet gets the extended type data in the current session. This includes type data that was added to t
he session by Types.ps1xml file and dynamic type data that was added by using the parameter of the Update-TypeData cmdl

You can use the extended type data that Get-TypeData returns to examine the type data in the session and send it to the
 Update-TypeData and Remove-TypeData cmdlets.

Extended type data adds properties and methods to objects in Windows PowerShell. You can use the added properties and m
ethods in the same ways that you would use the properties and methods that are defined in the object type. However, whe
n writing scripts, be aware that the added properties and methods might not be present in every Windows PowerShell sess

For more information about Types.ps1xml files, see about_Types.ps1xml ( 
For more information about dynamic type data that the Update-TypeData cmdlet adds, see Update-TypeData.

This cmdlet is introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.