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Get-CimSession - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Gets the CIM session objects from the current session.

Get-CimSession [[-ComputerName] <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]
Get-CimSession [-Id] <UInt32[]> [<CommonParameters>]
Get-CimSession -InstanceId <Guid[]> [<CommonParameters>]
Get-CimSession -Name <String[]> [<CommonParameters>]

The Get-CimSession cmdlet gets the CIM session objects created in the current Windows PowerShell® session.

If used without any parameters, the cmdlet gets all of the CIM sessions created in the current Windows PowerShell sessi
on. You can use the parameters of Get-CimSession to get the sessions that are for particular computers, or you can iden
tify sessions by their names, IDs, or instance IDs.

For more information about Windows PowerShell sessions, see about_CimSessions