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Export-FormatData - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Saves formatting data from the current session in a formatting file.

Export-FormatData [-Force] [-IncludeScriptBlock] [-NoClobber] -InputObject <ExtendedTypeDefinition[]> -Path <String> [<
Export-FormatData [-Force] [-IncludeScriptBlock] [-NoClobber] -InputObject <ExtendedTypeDefinition[]> -LiteralPath <Str
ing> [<CommonParameters>]

The Export-FormatData cmdlet creates Windows PowerShell formatting files (format.ps1xml) from the formatting objects in
 the current session. It takes the ExtendedTypeDefinition objects that Get-FormatData returns and saves them in a file 
in XML format.

Windows PowerShell uses the data in formatting files (format.ps1xml) to generate the default display of Microsoft .NET 
Framework objects in the session. You can view and edit the formatting files and use the Update-FormatData cmdlet to ad
d the formatting data to a session.

For more information about formatting files in Windows PowerShell, see about_Format.ps1xml.