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Dismount-WindowsImage - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Dismounts a Windows image from the directory it is mapped to.

Dismount-WindowsImage [-Append [<SwitchParameter>]] [-CheckIntegrity [<SwitchParameter>]] [-LogLevel <LogLevel>] [-LogP
ath <String>] [-ScratchDirectory <String>] -Path <String> -Save [<SwitchParameter>] [<CommonParameters>]
Dismount-WindowsImage [-LogLevel <LogLevel>] [-LogPath <String>] [-ScratchDirectory <String>] -Discard [<SwitchParamete
r>] -Path <String> [<CommonParameters>]

The Dismount-WindowsImage cmdlet either saves or discards the changes to a Windows image and then dismounts the image.

The Path parameter specifies the location of the mounted Windows image.

The Append parameter specifies the location of an existing .wim file to add the Windows image to when you dismount it i
nstead of overwriting the existing image.

The CheckIntegrity parameter detects and tracks .wim file corruption. CheckIntegrity stops the operation if DISM detect
s that the .wim file is corrupted when used with the Mount-WindowsImage cmdlet.

The CheckIntegrity and Append parameters do not apply to virtual hard disk (VHD) files.