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ConvertFrom-Csv - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Converts object properties in comma-separated value (CSV) format into CSV versions of the original objects.

ConvertFrom-Csv [-InputObject] <PSObject[]> [[-Delimiter] <Char>] [-Header <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]
ConvertFrom-Csv [-InputObject] <PSObject[]> [-Header <String[]>] -UseCulture [<CommonParameters>]

The ConvertFrom-CSV cmdlet creates objects from CSV variable-length strings that are generated by the ConvertTo-CSV cmd

You can use the parameters of the ConvertFrom-CSV cmdlet to specify the column header row, which determines the propert
y names of the resulting objects, to specify the item delimiter, or to direct ConvertFrom-CSV to use the list separator
 for the current culture as the delimiter.

The objects that ConvertFrom-CSV creates are CSV versions of the original objects. The property values of the CSV objec
ts are string versions of the property values of the original objects. The CSV versions of the objects do not have any 

You can also use the Export-CSV and Import-CSV cmdlets to convert objects to CSV strings in a file (and back). These cm
dlets are the same as the ConvertTo-CSV and ConvertFrom-CSV cmdlets, except that they save the CSV strings in a file.