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Add-JobTrigger - Powershell 3.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Adds job triggers to scheduled jobs

Add-JobTrigger [-InputObject] <ScheduledJobDefinition[]> [-Trigger] <ScheduledJobTrigger[]> [<CommonParameters>]
Add-JobTrigger [-Id] <Int32[]> [-Trigger] <ScheduledJobTrigger[]> [<CommonParameters>]
Add-JobTrigger [-Name] <String[]> [-Trigger] <ScheduledJobTrigger[]> [<CommonParameters>]

The Add-JobTrigger cmdlet adds job triggers to scheduled jobs. You can use it to add multiple triggers to multiple sche
duled jobs.

A "job trigger" starts a scheduled job on a one-time or recurring schedule or when an event occurs.

Use the Trigger parameter of Add-JobTrigger to identify the job triggers to add. Use the Name, ID, or InputObject param
eters of Add-JobTrigger to identify the scheduled job to which the triggers are added.

To create job triggers for the value of the Trigger parameter, use the New-JobTrigger cmdlet or use a hash table to spe
cify the job trigger.

Add-JobTrigger is one of a collection of job scheduling cmdlets in the PSScheduledJob module that is included in Window
s PowerShell.

For more information about Scheduled Jobs, see the About topics in the PSScheduledJob module. Import the PSScheduledJob
 module and then type: Get-Help about_Scheduled* or see about_Scheduled_Jobs.

This cmdlet is introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.