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Push-Location - Powershell 2.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Adds the current location to the top of a list of locations (a "stack").

Push-Location [[-LiteralPath] <string>] [-PassThru] [-StackName <string>] [-UseTransaction] [<CommonParameters>]

Push-Location [[-Path] <string>] [-PassThru] [-StackName <string>] [-UseTransaction] [<CommonParameters>]

The Push-Location cmdlet adds ("pushes") the current location to the top of a list of locations, called a "stack." 
You can push the current location onto a default stack or onto a stack that you create. If you specify a path, Push
-Location pushes the current location onto the stack and then changes the current location to the location specifie
d by the path. You cannot push a location onto the stack unless it is the current location.