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Import-Module - Powershell 2.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Adds modules to the current session.

Import-Module [-Name] <string[]> [-Alias <string[]>] [-ArgumentList <Object[]>] [-AsCustomObject] [-Cmdlet <string[
]>] [-Force] [-Function <string[]>] [-Global] [-PassThru] [-Prefix <string>] [-Variable <string[]>] [-Version <Vers
ion>] [<CommonParameters>]

Import-Module [-Assembly] <Assembly[]> [-Alias <string[]>] [-ArgumentList <Object[]>] [-AsCustomObject] [-Cmdlet <s
tring[]>] [-Force] [-Function <string[]>] [-Global] [-PassThru] [-Prefix <string>] [-Variable <string[]>] [-Version
 <Version>] [<CommonParameters>]

Import-Module [-ModuleInfo] <PSModuleInfo[]> [-Alias <string[]>] [-ArgumentList <Object[]>] [-AsCustomObject] [-Cmd
let <string[]>] [-Force] [-Function <string[]>] [-Global] [-PassThru] [-Prefix <string>] [-Variable <string[]>] [-V
ersion <Version>] [<CommonParameters>]

The Import-Module cmdlet adds one or more modules to the current session. 

A module is a package that contains members (such as cmdlets, providers, scripts, functions, variables, and other t
ools and files) that can be used in Windows PowerShell. After a module is imported, you can use the module members 
in your session. 

To import a module, use the Name, Assembly, or ModuleInfo parameter to identify the module to import. By default, I
mport-Module imports all members that the module exports, but you can use the Alias, Function, Cmdlet, and Variable
 parameters to restrict the members that are imported. 

Import-Module imports a module only into the current session. To import the module into all sessions, add an Import
-Module command to your Windows PowerShell profile. For more information about profiles, see about_Profiles. 

For more information about modules, see about_Modules.