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Get-EventLog - Powershell 2.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Gets the events in an event log, or a list of the event logs, on the local or remote computers.

Get-EventLog [-AsString] [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-List] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-EventLog [-LogName] <string> [[-InstanceId] <Int64[]>] [-After <DateTime>] [-AsBaseObject] [-Before <DateTime>]
 [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-EntryType <string[]>] [-Index <Int32[]>] [-Message <string>] [-Newest <int>] [-Source
 <string[]>] [-UserName <string[]>] [<CommonParameters>]

The Get-EventLog cmdlet gets events and event logs on the local and remote computers. 

Use the parameters of Get-EventLog to search for events by using their property values. Get-EventLog gets only the 
events that match all of the specified property values. 

The cmdlets that contain the EventLog noun (the EventLog cmdlets) work only on classic event logs. To get events fr
om logs that use the Windows Event Log technology in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, use Get-WinEvent.