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ConvertTo-XML - Powershell 2.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Creates an XML-based representation of an object.

ConvertTo-XML [-InputObject] <psobject> [-As <string>] [-Depth <int>] [-NoTypeInformation] [<CommonParameters>]

The ConvertTo-Xml cmdlet creates an XML-based representation of one or more Microsoft .NET Framework objects. To us
    e this cmdlet, pipe one or more objects to the cmdlet, or use the InputObject parameter to specify the object. 
    When you pipe multiple objects to ConvertTo-XML or use the InputObject parameter to submit multiple objects, Conver
    tTo-XML returns a single XML document that includes representations of all of the objects.
    This cmdlet is similar to Export-Clixml except that Export-Clixml stores the resulting XML in a file. ConvertTo-XML
     returns the XML, so you can continue to process it in Windows PowerShell.