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Add-Member - Powershell 2.0 CmdLet

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Short description
Adds a user-defined custom member to an instance of a Windows PowerShell object.

Add-Member [-MemberType] {AliasProperty | CodeProperty | Property | NoteProperty | ScriptProperty | Properties | Pr
    opertySet | Method | CodeMethod | ScriptMethod | Methods | ParameterizedProperty | MemberSet | Event | All} [-Name]
     <string> -InputObject <psobject> [[-Value] <Object>] [[-SecondValue] <Object>] [-Force] [-PassThru] [<CommonParame

The Add-Member cmdlet adds a user-defined custom member to an instance of a Windows PowerShell object. It lets you add the following types of members: AliasProperty, CodeProperty, NoteProperty, ScriptProperty, PropertySet, CodeMet hod, MemberSet, and ScriptMethod. You set the initial value of the member by using the Value parameter. In the case of AliasProperty, ScriptProperty, CodeProperty, and CodeMethod, you can supply additional information by using the SecondValue parameter.
The additional members are added to the particular instance of the object that you pipe to Add-Member or specify using the InputObject parameter. The additional member is available only while that instance exists. You can use the 
Export-Clixml cmdlet to save the instance, including the additional members, to a file. The information stored in that file can be used by the Import-Clixml cmdlet to re-create the instance of the object.