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Add-History - Powershell 1.0 CmdLet

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Add entries to the session history

Add-History [[-inputObject] <PSObject[]>] [-passthru] [<CommonParameters>]

-inputObject PSObject[]
        Adds the specified HistoryInfo objects to the session history. You can 
        use this parameter to submit a HistoryInfo object from Get-History, Imp
        ort-Clixml, or Import-Csv to Add-History.

    -passthru SwitchParameter
        Passes the object created by this cmdlet through the pipeline. 
        By default, this cmdlet does not pass any objects through the pipeline.

        This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Verbose, -Debug,
        -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, and -OutVariable. For more information,
        type, "get-help about_commonparameters".

Export session history to a file :

C:\PS>get-history | export-csv E:\SessionHist.csv

Import session history from a file (this could be a different session on a different machine):

C:\PS>import-csv SessionHist.csv | add-history

You can also pipe commands directly from get-history to add-history which will re-arrange the order of items in the command line history. Piping history command (either from file or from get-history) to invoke-history will actullly run the commands.