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Microsoft Exchange Performance Counters

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Server Database counters

The following table shows database counters.

Counter Name Description
MSExchange Database ==> Instances(*)\Log Generation Checkpoint Depth Represents the amount of work in the log file count that needs to be redone or undone to the database files if the process fails.
MSExchange Database Instances(*)\I/O Database Reads Average Latency Shows the average length of time, in ms, per database read operation.
MSExchange Database Instances(*)\I/O Database Writes Average Latency Shows the average length of time, in ms, per database write operation.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Database Cache % Hit Shows the percentage of database file page requests fulfilled by the database cache without causing a file operation. If this percentage is too low, the database cache size may be too small.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Database Cache Size (MB) Shows the amount of system memory, in megabytes (MB), used by the database cache manager to hold commonly used information from the database files to prevent file operations.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Database Page Fault Stalls/sec Shows the rate that database file page requests require of the database cache manager to allocate a new page from the database cache.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Log Record Stalls/sec Shows the number of log records that can't be added to the log buffers per second because the log buffers are full. If this counter is nonzero for a long period of time, the log buffer size may be a bottleneck.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Log Threads Waiting Shows the number of threads waiting for their data to be written to the log to complete an update of the database. If this number is too high, the log may be a bottleneck.
MSExchange Database(Information Store)\Version buckets allocated Shows the total number of version buckets allocated.
MSExchange Database\Log Bytes Write/sec Shows the rate of bytes written to the log.