Microsoft Exchange Performance Counters

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Server Content Indexing counters

The following table shows content indexing counters.

Counter Name Description
Counter Name: MSExchange Search Indices(*)\ Average Document Indexing Time Description: Shows the average, in ms, of how long it takes to index documents.
Counter Name: MSExchange Search Indices(*)\Full Crawl Mode Status Description: This counter is used to determine if a full crawl is occurring for any specified database.
Counter Name: MSExchange Search Indices(*)\Recent Average Latency of RPCs Used to Obtain Content Description: Shows the average latency, in ms, of the most recent RPCs to the Information Store service. These RPCs are used to get content for the filter daemon for the specified database.
Counter Name: Process(Microsoft.Exchange.Search.ExSearch)\% Processor time Description: Shows the amount of processor time currently being consumed by the Exchange Search service.
Counter Name: Process(msftefd*)\%Processor Time Description: Shows the amount of processor time being consumed to update content indexing within the store process.