Microsoft Exchange Performance Counters

Microsoft Exchange Common .NET Framework counters

The following table shows Microsoft .NET Framework counters.

Counter Name Description
Counter Name: .NET CLR Exceptions(*)\# of Excepts Thrown / sec Description: Displays the number of exceptions thrown per second. These include both .NET Framework exceptions and unmanaged exceptions that get converted into .NET Framework exceptions. For example, the null pointer reference exception in unmanaged code would get thrown again in managed code as a .NET Framework System.NullReferenceException. This counter includes both handled and unhandled exceptions.
Counter Name: .NET CLR Memory(*)\# Bytes in all Heaps Description: Shows the sum of four other counters: Gen 0 Heap Size, Gen 1 Heap Size, Gen 2 Heap Size, and Large Object Heap Size. This counter indicates the current memory allocated in bytes on the GC Heaps.
Counter Name: .NET CLR Memory(*)\% Time in GC Description: Shows when garbage collection has occurred. When the counter exceeds the threshold, it indicates that CPU is cleaning up and isn't being used efficiently for load. Adding memory to the server would improve this situation.