ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit objects

SmsProtocolGsm Send and receive SMS messages using a GSM modem or a modem-capable GSM phone.
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SmsProtocolSmpp Send and receive SMS messages via an SMPP provider through the internet/VPN. Enables high volume and corporate SMS messaging. More »
SmsProtocolHttp Send (bulk) SMS messages through an HTTP-POST compliant SMS provider over the internet/VPN. More »
SmsProtocolDialup Send SMS messages using a normal Hayes compatible modem (1200 bps or higher). More »
MmsProtocolMm1 Send and receive MMS messages using a GPRS modem or a GPRS phone. More »
MmsProtocolMm4 Send MMS messages via an SMTP server. The protocol is based on SMTP, messages are MIME encoded. More »
MmsProtocolMm7 Send MMS messages via SOAP/XML using HTTP as the transport protocol. More »
PagerProtocolSnpp Send pager messages via an SNPP provider through the internet/VPN. More »