Q2100060: I can't get BCC (blind carbon copy) to work. When I try, I don't receive the BCC message.

You have to be careful with testing the BCC feature, because many e-mail clients (including Microsoft Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird) do not show BCC messages in some scenario's.
For instance: when you have your mail client configured with two accounts (let's say info@activexperts.com and sales@activexperts.com), and you use ActiveXperts Email Component (or any other SMTP client) to send an e-mail to both accounts, your mail client will - after receive - show only ONE email.

However, if the accounts are configured on different clients (for example, info@activexperts.com on PC1 and sales@activexperts.com on PC2), you'll see that both accounts receive the e-mail.

We get many questions about BCC and this is usually the problem (in fact there is no problem).

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