Q2000020: How can I uninstall ActiveXperts Email Component?

You can simple uninstall the software by using the 'Add/Remove' applet in the control panel. It will delete all files, except two: AxEmail64.dll and AxEmail32.dll. This article explains how to uninstall these files manually.

The core of ActiveXperts Email Component is two DLL's: AxEmail64.dll (to be used by 64-bit applications) and AxEmail32.dll (to be used by 32-bit applications). These DLL's are shared components, which means that they might be required by other software vendors. Therefore, these DLL's are NOT unregistered/deleted from the system using the 'Add/Remove' applet automatically!

To uninstall AxEmail32.dll manually on a 32-bit operating system:

To uninstall AxEmail64.dll and AxEmail32.dll manually on a 64-bit operating system:

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