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Q7250010: For one of my Windows servers, I get the error: "Unable to connect to [myserver]; WMI Error 0x800706BA: The RPC server is unavailable"
Make sure you have not disabled the Windows Firewall. If Windows Firewall is turned on, Network Monitor cannot query the machine from another server in the network. Make sure the DCom is enabled on the monitoring server. To do so: Open the 'Administrative Tools' folder and choose 'Component Services' Open 'Console Root', then open 'Component Services', then open 'Computers' and right-click on 'My Computer'; choose 'Properties' from the context menu From the 'My Computer' Properties' dialog,...
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Q7250020: For one of my Windows servers, I get the error: "Unable to connect to [myserver]; WMI Error 0x80070005: Access is denied"
In most situation, the credentials do not suffice. Make sure that the credentials, used for the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service to login, have full permissions on the monitored server. Or use alternate credentials for the particular check, so that ActiveXperts doesn't use the service credentials but the alternate credentials instead to login and monitor the remote server. To verify, check WMI without ActiveXperts by running the Windows built-in WMIC utility from the command-line (replace...
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Q7250005: What ports do I need to open in the firewall to enable communication between the ActiveXperts Network Monitor server and the monitored servers?
The ports used when monitoring a server using ActiveXperts Network Monitor depend on the type of monitor function that is being done. For example, monitoring a web site usually requires one port - port 80, monitoring an SMTP server requires port 25, monitoring DNS requires port 53(udp). WMI (or more correctly RPC/DCOM) uses TCP ports 135 and 445 as well as dynamically-assigned ports above 1024. WMI is used for many Windows-based checks. When checking which ports must be opened on the firewall, one ...
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Q7250025: I'm getting an error saying that 'Win32_Service' does not exist. Other basic WMI classes like 'Win32_LogicalDisk' do not exist either. Any idea?
Most probably, your WMI repository needs to be rebuild or repaired. For instructions, see
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Q7250040: I'm not able to monitor any Win32_PerfRawData counters. However, I'm sure they are installed on the monitored system. I can also see those counters in the Administrative Tools\Performance tools. What should I do?
This problem occurs because Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) uses AutoDiscovery/AutoPurge (ADAP) to build its internal performance counter table. If a particular service on the monitored computer was not started when the WMI ADAP process is started, the performance counters are not transferred to WMI. Please run the following command from the command line on the monitored computer:   wmiadap /f and then restart the wmi-service.
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Q7250050: When I try to monitor my TMG server, ActiveXperts tells me that the RPC Server is unavailable (error 0x800706BA). What can I do?
Incoming WMI requests are denied by the TMG policy by default. To enable RPC, open the 'Configure RPC protocol policy' configuration window, and disable the 'Enforce strict RPC compliance' option. This way, the policy will allow RPC type protocol such as DCOM.
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