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Q6000005: I want to upgrade to the latest version. What is the procedure for upgrading?

Q6000003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of the ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor?

Q6000017: I want to re-install ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor. Can I install the product in the same directory on the filesystem as my previous installation?

Q6000012: I want to uninstall ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor manually. What are the steps?

Q6000055: I want to move our ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor service to another server. How to achieve this?

Q6000025: Does the installation of ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor require a reboot of my server?

Q6000052: I want to change the ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor Service credentials. How can I do that?

Q6000050: The ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor Service fails to start. How do I know the reason for that?

Q6000015: I'm unable to upgrade to the latest version. The installation keeps asking me to uninstall the software. Even after I uninstalled the product, it keeps telling me that. What is the problem?

Q6100080: My maintenance contract already expired. Can I still renew it?

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