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Q4240120: Are there any SMPP simulators available so we can test your software without subscribing to a commercial SMPP provider first?
ActiveXperts offers a free SMPP Simulator. Download SmppSim.exe and run it to start the installation.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240040: I ran out of SMS credits during evaluation. Can I get more credits to continue testing through your ActiveXperts SMPP Gateway?
Yes you can. Please send an e-mail to with subject: ActiveXperts SMS Component SMPP credits. Please do not forget to mention your SystemID in your message. Our support desk is happy to provide you with extra credits.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240017: Can I use the ActiveXperts SMS Component with all available SMPP providers in the world?
There are many different SMPP providers around the world. Although they should be compatible with our software, we cannot guarantee because we haven't tested them all. You should test the ActiveXperts SMS Component software with your prefered SMPP provider yourself before you purchase, just to ensure that the software/provider combination works without problems.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240010: Are there any test SMPP providers around the world so I can try SMPP ?
Yes, ActiveXperts offers a free SMPP service. It allows you to send out a few free messages through the ActiveXperts SMPP service. Use the following URL:   URL: SystemID: Provided during installation of ActiveXperts SMS Component Password: Provided during installation of ActiveXperts SMS Component Find more information about the ActiveXpert SMPP server here.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240050: How can I specify a range of addresses in the Address Range property of my SMPP Channel?
The 'Address Range' parameter is used in the bind_receiver and bind_transceiver command to specify a set of SME addresses serviced by the ESME client. A single SME address may also be specified in the address_range parameter. UNIX Regular Expression notation should be used to specify a range of addresses. Messages addressed to any destination in this range shall be routed to the ESME. Note: It is likely that the addr_range field is not supported or deliberately ignored on most Message Cent...
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240110: What is the difference between SMPP version 3.3 and 3.4 ?
The main difference between these SMPP versions is that version 3.4 supports the use of optional parameters, also called TLV's (Tag-Length-Value ). These TLV parameters enable SMSC vendors to add custom functionality to the SMPP protocol.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240190: After a couple of minutes, my SMPP connection is suddenly disconnected. What happens?
SMPP uses a link keep alive timer. Once in every x seconds the client should send an enquire_link packet to the SMPP server, if this packet is not received the SMPP server will close the connection. This will also happen if your enquire_link timer is set to high. Please try to set the EnquireInterval to a value of '30'.If this does not help, please ask your provider to assist you solving this issue.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240111: What SMPP versions are supported by ActiveXperts SMS Component?
ActiveXperts SMS Component connects to SMPP providers using SMPP version 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240170: Is the SMPP outbind feature supported?
No it is not supported, only the bind_transceiver, bind_receiver and bind_transmitter pdu's are supported to establish a SMPP connection.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240015: Do you have an up-to-date list of SMPP providers that work well with your ActiveXperts SMS Component?
Please check out our SMPP compliant provider list here.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240140: When I try to send a message using the ActiveXperts SMPP gateway, the software tells me that the message has been successfully submitted but the message never reached my phone, what can i do?
Most probably, the provider that is used by the ActiveXperts gateway does not cover your provider's network, and a different route must be selected. The ActiveXperts gateway can use different SMPP providers to route the SMS messages.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240150: How can I use SMPP to receive SMS messages?
To receive SMS messages via a commercial SMPP provider, they have to setup a virtual number (IMSI) where the messages can be sent to. This can be an international number, national number or a short code. When using a national number or short code, your service can only be reached from within the same country. When using an international virtual number, users can also access your service from other countries. When someone sends an SMS message to this virtual number, the messages are ro...
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240025: What is the throughput of SMPP? So, how many message can ActiveXperts SMS Component send per minute over SMPP?
Approx. 5000 - 12000 messages per minute per active SMPP connection. The value depends on the performance of the SMPP provider and your network connection.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240045: When I connect to my SMPP provider in transceiver mode, I cannot send or receive any message. However, I can send out messages when using transmitterl mode. What's the problem?
Most probably, your provider only supports SMPP v3.3. Transceiver mode can only be used for providers that support SMPP v3.4 or higher. To send and receive simultaneously, just create two instances; connect to the first one as Transmitter, and to the second one as Receiver.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

Q4240060: Some characters like the '@', '' and '' are not displayed correctly on the recipients phone when sending SMS through my SMPP connection. What's wrong?
Your SMPP provider does not convert these chars to the GSM alphabet automatically. You need to set the UseGsmEncoding property to 'True' to get the message encoded correctly.
SMS Component > SMS via SMPP

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