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Q9300020: Do you have a printed version of the manual ?
You can print your own manual by downloading the PDF manual from the Hydromagic product page. Also an offline manual is integrated in the product, so you do not need an internet connection to view the manual.
Hydromagic > Configuration

Q9300060: Where can I configure my hardware ?
In ActiveXperts Hydromagic all hardware is interfaced using plugins. To load a plugin, go to "Main Menu" => "Options" => "Preferences", and select the "Devices" tab. In this tab, click the "Add..." button to load a plugin.
Hydromagic > Configuration

Q9300050: I am unable to save newly defined map datums or map projections, what is wrong ?
Most probably you do not have write permissions to the geodesy database. Please reinstall the application as an Administrator and try again. Your configuration and projects aren't affected by the reinstall.
Hydromagic > Configuration

Q9300030: What is the fastest way to start a new sounding ?
To start recording data, just follow the steps below: Make sure th hardware is configured; Enter the echosounder offset in the configuration; Create a new project, by selecting "Main Menu" => "New Project...", and enter the map projection to be used. Click the record button to start recording data.
Hydromagic > Configuration

Q9300010: How do I get maps to use with your software ?
The software supports various map formats, including IHO S-57 ENC's, AutoCad DXF, ESRI Shape and GeoTIFF files. If a map is not available, you can use the built in map downloader to get a map from OpenStreetMaps, Google Earth or Bing Maps.
Hydromagic > Configuration

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