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Q9200040: My computer does not have serial ports, what can I do ?
There are several ways to solve this problem: Use devices with Bluetooth support, like a Trimble RTK receiver and Ohmex BTX sounder; Connect devices using Wifi using for instance a Digi1 Serial to Wifi converter; Some devices like Odom and CEE echosounder can be connected through Ethernet; Buy an USB to serial converter. Please note extra latency is added to incoming data; Install a PCI multi port serial board in your desktop PC; Insert a PCMCIA multi port serial adapter in your laptop. ...
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Q9200030: I connected a device, but no data is displayed, what should I do ?
First of all, make sure the correct plugin for the device is installed. You can install plugins under "Main Menu" => "Preferences" => "Devices". When a plugin is installed, but no data is coming in, please check the built in event log for problems. The event log is located under "Main Menu" => "Help" => "Show Event Log".
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Q9200050: I do not have a tide receiver, can I use RTK to get tide information ?
Yes you can, you need a RTK fixed position and have the correct geoid model for your region loaded. In addition, you have to enter the offset between the RTK antenna and the water surface. RTK settings can be found in "Main Menu" => "Preferences" => "RTK tab" When the RTK position is fixed, the current tide level is displayed in the data window.
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Q9200010: Which GPS devices are supported by your software ?
ActiveXperts Hydromagic supports a wide range of GPS receivers. Supported are GPS receivers with a NMEA0183 output. Most GPS receivers around support this protocol.
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Q9200020: Which echosounder brands are supported by your software ?
Almost any hydrographic echosounder around is support by our software. Popular protocols like DESO25, Odom DBT, Odom SBT and NMEA0183 are supported.
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