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Q9100010: How can I uninstall ActiveXperts Hydromagic

Uninstall the software using the 'Add/Remove' applet in the control panel: Select 'ActiveXperts Hydromagic' and click on 'Remove'.

Q9120012: What are the system requirements to run this software ?

ActiveXperts Hydromagic will run on any Windows desktop PC, laptop or tablet running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. The software will run on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Q9900080: Is it possible to obtain the sourcecode of your product?

Renewals that come in after the maintenance has expired will be backdated to start from the old expiry date. Also, you are only able to get Technical Support and Software Maintenance when your support contract is valid.

Q9120020: Has Hydromagic been tested on Windows 10 ?

Hydromagic has been successfully tested on the latest version of Windows, Windows 10. If you still encounter any problems, please support our support desk.

Q9100003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of the ActiveXperts Hydromagic?

For a list of new features and fixes, see Hydromagic Release Notes.


Q9200020: Which echosounder brands are supported by your software ?

Almost any hydrographic echosounder around is support by our software. Popular protocols like DESO25, Odom DBT, Odom SBT and NMEA0183 are supported.

Q9200010: Which GPS devices are supported by your software ?

ActiveXperts Hydromagic supports a wide range of GPS receivers. Supported are GPS receivers with a NMEA0183 output. Most GPS receivers around support this protocol.

Q9200050: I do not have a tide receiver, can I use RTK to get tide information ?

Yes you can, you need a RTK fixed position and have the correct geoid model for your region loaded. In addition, you have to enter the offset between the RTK antenna and the water surface. RTK settings can be found in "Main Menu" => "Preferences" => "RTK tab" When the RTK position is fixed, the current tide level is displayed in the data window.

Q9200030: I connected a device, but no data is displayed, what should I do ?

First of all, make sure the correct plugin for the device is installed. You can install plugins under "Main Menu" => "Preferences" => "Devices".

When a plugin is installed, but no data is coming in, please check the built in event log for problems. The event log is located under "Main Menu" => "Help" => "Show Event Log".

Q9200040: My computer does not have serial ports, what can I do ?

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • Use devices with Bluetooth support, like a Trimble RTK receiver and Ohmex BTX sounder;
  • Connect devices using Wifi using for instance a Digi1 Serial to Wifi converter;
  • Some devices like Odom and CEE echosounder can be connected through Ethernet;
  • Buy an USB to serial converter. Please note extra latency is added to incoming data;
  • Install a PCI multi port serial board in your desktop PC;
  • Insert a PCMCIA multi port serial adapter in your laptop.


Q9300010: How do I get maps to use with your software ?

The software supports various map formats, including IHO S-57 ENC's, AutoCad DXF, ESRI Shape and GeoTIFF files. If a map is not available, you can use the built in map downloader to get a map from OpenStreetMaps, Google Earth or Bing Maps.

Q9300030: What is the fastest way to start a new sounding ?

To start recording data, just follow the steps below:

  • Make sure th hardware is configured;
  • Enter the echosounder offset in the configuration;
  • Create a new project, by selecting "Main Menu" => "New Project...", and enter the map projection to be used.
  • Click the record button to start recording data.

Q9300050: I am unable to save newly defined map datums or map projections, what is wrong ?

Most probably you do not have write permissions to the geodesy database. Please reinstall the application as an Administrator and try again. Your configuration and projects aren't affected by the reinstall.

Q9300060: Where can I configure my hardware ?

In ActiveXperts Hydromagic all hardware is interfaced using plugins. To load a plugin, go to "Main Menu" => "Options" => "Preferences", and select the "Devices" tab. In this tab, click the "Add..." button to load a plugin.

Q9300020: Do you have a printed version of the manual ?

You can print your own manual by downloading the PDF manual from the Hydromagic product page. Also an offline manual is integrated in the product, so you do not need an internet connection to view the manual.


Q9900015: I lost my dongle, can I get a replacement ?

Replacing a dongle is only possible if:

  • The serial number of the lost dongle is known;
  • You still have a valid support contract;
  • An additional fee for the cost of the dongle and shipping has been paid;

Q9900070: How long after a maintenance contract has expired can I renew it?

Renewals that come in after the maintenance has expired will be backdated to start from the old expiry date. Also, you are only able to get Technical Support and Software Maintenance when your support contract is valid.

Q9900010: Where do I have to enter the license key after I purchased the product ?

Hydromagic does not work with license keys. Upon ordering, an USB dongle will be shipped to you by UPS. When you have received the dongle, please install the full version and plug the USB dongle to your computer to unlock the software.

Q9900012: How long does it take until I receive the USB dongle ?

This depends on your location. In most cases dongles are delivered within 6 working days.

Q9900020: When I buy a license, do I have to pay for future releases?

An ActiveXperts Hydromagic licenses is perpetual, i.e. a permanent long life license. A customer can use the software version forever. However, in order to receive product upgrades and support services, customer needs a valid maintenance support contract.

ActiveXperts' Maintenance Agreement entitles customers to use ActiveXperts' technical support services, and to receive all product upgrades, free of charge, during a specified Agreement duration. The Maintenance Agreement applies to all ActiveXperts products.

After purchase, Licensee gets 1 year Maintenance for free

After this free Maintenance period, Licensee may purchase Maintenance. The price for the Maintenance Agreement is 15% of the price that was paid for the product.


Q9920010: Do you offer a demo version of your product ?

Yes, a limited version of the software can be download free of charge from the download page. In this demo version printing, exporting and reporting functions are disabled.

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