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Q8850020: Sometimes my GSM Modem fails for some reason. The Monitor application only shows the history of the last couple of minutes. Is there any way to see what happened with the modem?
The Monitor application can only show real-time information. To view a full trace, you must enable 'tracing' for the particular modem.. There's tracing possible for the following items: Every single channel; Message database; VBScript engine. To enable tracing for a particular channel or thread, you must enable it through the registry, by assigning a Log File to it: Open a registry editor (REGEDIT.EXE or REGEDT32.EXE); Open the HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\SMS Messaging Server\Trace key; ...
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Q8850015: There's a message in my Message View which reads: 'Send Failed, Generic Error'. How do I know what went wrong?
You must take a closer look at the trace information. Trace information is part of the message, you can see this trace information by double clicking on the message from the Manager application.
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Q8850030: When I click on the 'Service' icon in the toolbar, it says: "Unable to query server". What is the reason?
There can be two reasons for that: You're not logged on as an Administrator. You must be an Administrator of the computer in order to query/stop/start a service; You are logged on as an Administrator, but you have UAC (User Access Control) enabled. User Account Control (UAC) limits the priviledges for users and administrators. To disable UAC, click Start, type 'msconfig', and then press Enter. The System Configuration tool opens. Then, click the Tools tab, click 'Disable UAC' and then click 'L...
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Q8850025: When I start the SMS messaging server service it stops within 10 seconds, whats happening?
When an error occurred the service will stop automatically. Possible causes are: The server does not have access to your database server, please check if it is started; One of the required activeX controls is not registered on the system, like AxMmCfg.dll; The server does not have write access to the database; The configuration database cannot be opened. For the exact cause, you can have a look at the log's in the Windows Eventlog.
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