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Q8500030: Is it possible to execute an external application from a trigger?
Yes this is possible, you can use the following script to do this: Dim WshShell set WshShell = CreateObject ("wscript.Shell") WshShell.Run "path to your application goes here", 3 If this application has to interact with the desktop (i.e. it has a GUI) you have to enable this. To do this, go to the 'Control Panel'=>'Administrative Tools'=>'Services' and double click the SMS messaging server service. Select the 'Log On' tab, and select the 'Allow service to interact with the desktop o...
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Q8500010: The status of my message shows there was a 'processing error'. How do I find out what went wrong?
Simply double click on the message in the Message View, it will show the 'Trace' field of the message. It tells you exactly what went wrong. Most probably, there was an error in your VBScript program. Line and character position will be shown to indicate the exact location where the error occurred in the script.
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Q8500020: I have defined three triggers. When a new message comes in and all conditions are True, still only the first script is triggered. What's the reason for that?
A condition is ALWAYS FALSE if the status of the incoming message indicates that the message has already been processed. So, if you define three triggers (all enabled), and the first trigger sets the message status to PROCESSED, the other triggers will NEVER match the conditions and the associated scripts will never be called. Apparantly, the first script sets the status of the message to True, and the other two scripts are not executed.
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Q8500015: What is the speed of processing messages (number of messages per minute)?
The SMS messaging Server engine can process up to 30 messages per second, i.e. 900 messages per minute. Processing speed depends on the processing speed of the server where SMS Messaging Server is running.
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