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Q8320010: I'm using 2 SMTP channels now. Can I add more SMTP channels?
By default, the maximum number of SMTP channels is set to 4. To increase this number, change the following registry key: HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\SMS Messaging Server\Performance\ThreadsSmtp. Please note that the engine will consume more resources when this number is increased, because it needs to create additional threads to handle these channels.
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Q8320030: Is it possible to send HTML formatted email messages from the SMS messaging server?
Yes it can be done, from the manager application, paste the HTML code into the messagebody field, and set the message format to HTML.
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Q8320040: Is it possible to send and/or receive email attachments using the SMS messaging server?
No, at this moment, email attachments are not supported. When receiving emails with attachments, they will be ignored.
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Q8320020: Which SMTP commands are communicated with the SMTP server to send an e-mail message? Can I see a log of all operations?
Yes, you can see all commands using a trace file. By default, tracing is NOT switched on. Tracing is enabled/disabled per channel.You can enable tracing for SMTP by specifying a log file for the particular channel in the registry:     HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\SMS Messaging Server\Trace\SMTP.xxxx , where xxxx is the actual channel number. After you change this registry value, you MUST restart the SMS Messaging Server engine (service) for the changes to take effect.
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Q8320050: We're using a gmail account to send out e-mail messages in our SMTP channel. I'm sure the Gmail credentials are correct, but we still get Error #37411: "Authorization failed". What's wrong?
You must allow ActiveXperts to access your google account using SMTP authentication. Click here for more information
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