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Q7680030: I have a check A which depends on check B. Check B is shown as red (failure) but check A is still shown as green (success). Is it a bug?
If check A is indeed successful, it will be shown as green. Only if check A is not successful, it will shown in orange, to indicate that it is not OK as a result of check B. Dependencies is a feature to avoid a mass notification, all because of a single failure (for instance, a router in the network). All checks that depend on this router will not send out an alert if the router fails, and will be shown as orange. But if the router is OK, and the other checks are ok too, a regular green icon is shown...
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Q7680020: I have a complex dependency structure, with many routers involved. Now, one of my check fails because apparently a dependee failed, but I don't know why. Is there a way to find this out?
Yes there is. Click on 'Properties' of the particular check, and select the 'Advanced Properties' tab. Click on the 'Dependencies' button; it will show the dependees.
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Q7680015: When check C depends on check B, and check B depends on check A, should I make check C dependent on check A as well or is it done automatically?
Dependencies are transitive. As a result, you do not need to make check C dependent on check A.
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Q7680010: What's the most efficient way to configure dependencies?
The best way is to use folders, and let them depend on certain checks. This way your depency configuration is dynamic, i.e. when you add new checks to the folder, they will become dependent automatically. For further information, check the online Dependency Guidelines.
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