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Q7500010: We want to purchase ActiveXperts Network Monitor. Do we also need to purchase a license of 'ActiveXperts Email Component' in order to send out e-mail alerts?
No, that's not a required. An ActiveXperts Network Monitor license automatically includes a license for ActiveXperts Email Component to send out e-mail notifications.
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Q7500032: We're using a gmail account to send out e-mail notifications over SMTP. I'm sure the Gmail credentials are correct, but we still get Error #37411: "Authorization failed". What's wrong?
You must allow ActiveXperts to access your google account using SMTP authentication. Click here for more information
Network Monitor > Notifications - E-mail

Q7500030: I configured SMTP settings, but it does not work. I configured an Outlook Express SMTP e-mail account on the same machine, and this one does work. What could be the problem?
This is a known issues for users using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise. By default, it would not allow AxsNmSvc.exe (the network monitor service) to send SMTP traffic. Open the VirusScan Console by Right-clicking the VirusScan icon in the system tray, select VirusScan Console, double-click Access Protection, select Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail, click the edit button, and type AxsNmSvc.exe in the excluded processes field.
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Q7500012: Does ActiveXperts require IIS to be installed in order to use SMTP mail notifications?
No, ActiveXperts Network Monitor can use any SMTP-compliant server. No Internet Information Server is needed.
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Q7500015: Is ActiveXperts Network Monitor E-mail notification compliant with any SMTP mail server?
Yes, ActiveXperts is compliant with virtuall any SMTP server. It supports secure and non-secure SMTP servers.
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Q7500060: If Network Monitor finds an error and sends an e-mail notification, I want the 'Notes' to be included with the e-mail. How can I achieve this?
From the 'Tools' menu, click 'Notification Settings' and select the 'E-mail' tab (selected by default). Click on the 'Format Message' button. You can now modify the standard e-mail message. Insert the 'Notes' variable by clicking on the 'Insert system variable' link and select the 'Notes' variable.
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Q7500045: When sending a test SMTP e-mail, I get error "550", why?
A mailbox on the SMTP server is required. The mailbox that you are using to send out messages does not exist.
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Q7500070: I get the following System Warning in my log file: "Too many outstanding e-mail requests. Reconfigure or disable E-mail notifications".
This means that there are more e-mail notification requests than the ActiveXperts Network Monitor service can handle. There can be various reasons for that: The mail server is not functioning The network connection to the mail server is slow Too many notifications as a result of failed checks E-mail notification requests are queued in the following folder by default: C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Ipc\Queue\Alerts\ Requests are processed in FIFO order. There are two ways to c...
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Q7500022: We use e-mail notifications to notify our administrators. Sometimes, an e-mail notification fails and is not received. Is there a way to see a trace of the e-mail operations?
You can turn on e-mail logging for the Network Monitor Engine. To do so, you must enter a valid file name in the following registry entry:   HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Server\Trace\NotifyEmail For instance:   c:\notfyemail.log After that, restart the service. After that, all e-mail operations will be written to the log file.
Network Monitor > Notifications - E-mail

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