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Q6930010: I'm having problems monitoring memory usage on a remote Windows server. How can I troubleshoot?
ActiveXperts uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to collect data about (remote) Windows computers. WMI is part of Windows operating systems and installed by default. Please check out the following: Check the Services applet on the monitoring server and monitored server to verify that the WMI services are indeed running. Make sure that firewall settings are not prevent you from accessing the remote computer through WMI. Windows ships with the WMIC command line utility ('Windows Mana...
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Q6930030: It is possible to monitor Hyper-V Dynamic Memory through ActiveXperts Network Monitor?
There is no built-in Hyper-V Dynamic Memory check in Network Monitor. However, it is very well possible to monitor Hyper-V Dynamic Memory performance counters through our Performance Counter check. There's a good article on these counters here:
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Q6930020: Network Monitor shows odd values for the 'Available Memory' check for my Windows 2003 servers. What should I do.
This is a known problem on Windows 2003 and Windows 2003 SP1 machines. It is an issue in WMI, that has fixed in Windows 2003 SP2. So if you are monitoring Windows 2003 machines without SP2 installed, please install SP2 in order to monitor 'available memory' properly.
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