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Q6800012: I want to monitor a mapped network drive. The drive mapping is named T: and it maps to a network share. ActiveXperts Network Monitor is not able to monitor this drive mapping. Why is it?
Persistent drive mappings defined per-user (not per computer) and are only restored on interactive logon. Since ActiveXperts Network Monitor runs as a service in the background, it does not logon interactive. As a result, drive mappings cannot be monitored. You can only monitor drives and folders using a UNC formatted share network folder.
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Q6800010: I'm having problems monitoring Disk Drives usage on a remote server. How can I troubleshoot?
ActiveXperts uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to collect data about (remote) Windows computers. WMI is part of Windows operating systems and installed by default. Please check out the following: Check the Services applet on the monitoring server and monitored server to verify that the WMI services are indeed running. Make sure that firewall settings are not prevent you from accessing the remote computer through WMI. Windows ships with the WMIC command line utility ('Windows Ma...
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Q6800017: When trying to monitor disk space on a remote workstation, I get the following error: "Result is: Uncertain" with Last Response saying: "Unable to retrieve space for disk [\\Wks001\C$]". What is the problem?
This problem only applies to v.2016 or older. Later versions have the Drive/Disk Space Check based on WMI. There can be a few reasons. Most probably, the problem is not related to ActiveXperts Network Monitor at all. A few reasons for not being able to monitor the disk: Administrative shares (e.g. \\server\c$) are disabled. Please check on the monitored server first to access that share (for instance by typing \\server\c$ in the Explorer's address bar); The administrative shares have differen...
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Q6800025: I want to check disk space of my Linux and Unix servers. Is this possible?
To monitor Linux and Unix disks, use an ActiveXperts SSH check. There are scripts included in ActiveXperts to monitor disk usage and disk free space, as well as various other aspects.
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Q6800015: I want to monitor my Disk Drives. Will ActiveXperts Network Monitor tell me when a disk is not healthy?
Yes, that is exactly what the 'Disk Drive' check does. When a disk becomes 'not healthy' or unavailable, Network Monitor will let you know.
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Q6800020: I have a RAID configuration (RAID5). I want to get a notification when one of the disks fails, but can't find how to configure it in Network Monitor. Please help.
The operating system has access to RAID set as it were one physical drive. So, it is not a simple matter of checking a disk. A failure of a disk in a RAID can only be determined by the manufacturer's hardware driver or management software. So there are basically two options to check such a failure: Event Log - most manufacturer's driver software generate an event in the Event Log. For instance, Compaq Insight Manager generates an event in the Event Viewer's System Log when there's a problem with...
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Q6800030: Can I monitor NetApp volumes using ActiveXperts Network Monitor?
Yes, you can, but only through SNMP. The vast majority of NetApp drives support the SNMP v2c protocol. This allows you to monitor any performance counter of your NetApp volume, including drive space.
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