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Q6600030: I want to merge two configuration files from different servers into one configuration file. What is the procedure for that?
You cannot do this yourself, but the ActiveXperts Helpdesk can do the job for you. You can contact Activexperts Support via e-mail. Either send them the two config SDF files as e-mail attachments, or else make a request for FTPs access so you can upload the two files with a secure account. If you choose the first option, they will reply with the merged cconfiguration SDF file. For the second option, they will put the merged file onto the FTPs server for you.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600120: I want to give read-only access to my 1st line helpdesk staff. They should be able to view the status of the network, but they're not allowed to make changes to the configuration. Is this possible?
Yes that is possible. Access to the configuration of ActiveXperts Network Monitor is controlled by Operator Roles. Allow full control to any user on all configuration aspects, or allow only predefined operators to access the configuration and associate permissions to those operators. Choose 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu, and select the 'Operators and Roles' tab. Read more in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor manual, chapter 'Operators and Roles'.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600020: I want to rename the hostname (NetBIOS) of the server where the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service is running. Is there anything I need to change in the ActiveXperts configuration.
You do not need to make any changes. It is recommended to restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service, as it uses the NetBIOS hostname in its Alert Notifications, and this name is retrieved only once on service startup.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600140: When I start the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service, I get the following error: "ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine could not start due to a configuration consistency failure (error 25202)". What is the problem?
Please do the following: In the Manager application, choose File->Properties Make a screenshot of the 'ActiveXperts Network Monitor Configuration' window and send it by e-mail to Our support desk will get back to you asap, usually within 8 hours.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600125: Can I use an Active Directory Managed Service Account to run ActiveXperts?
Yes you can. You need to create a Managed Service Account in Active Directory first. After creation, you need to assign the account to the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service in the 'Services' applet in Windows. How to create an Active Directory Managed Service account Start a new Powershell command prompt on the server where you want to run ActiveXperts, to execute the commands to create and install the new account. Create a new service account like this (we create account 'MyA...
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600130: I want to modify the CONFIG.SDF configuration database file using a sql script. Is this possible?
Yes, it is possible. The database is a Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition file, and can be opened in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (part of Microsoft SQL Server): Launch SQL Server Management Studio; In the 'Object Explorer' window, select the 'Connect...' drop down box, and select 'SQL Server Compact...'; Specify the 'Database file' and click 'Connect'. You can now run your database queries. Please note that all checks are stored in the 'Nodes' table. The 'Nodes' table contain...
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600010: When I start the Manager, I get Error '25004 "Unable to open Configuration Database".
When you start the Manager and get Error 25004: "Unable to open Configuration Database", there's most probably a security issue where the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager cannot read the Configuration Database (CONFIG.SDF). The application will close immediately. The easiest way to find this out, is by launching the Manager using the 'Run As Administrator' option. One way to do this is, is by pressing the SHIFT key and hold while you right-click the Manager shortcut item in Windows Start menu. Th...
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600025: Can I change the name of the workstation where a Manager application is running on?
You can change the name of the computer where the Manager application is running. This will not affect the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager installation.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600132: I want to modify the CONFIG.SDF configuration database file using a VBScript. Is this possible?
Yes, you can. All checks and folders are stored in the 'Nodes' table of the CONFIG.SDF configuration file. The following VBScript counts the number of folders and checks, shows all the checks and updates the displayname of one of the checks. Run it from the commandline using the command CSCRIPT <file.vbs>: Option Explicit Const CONFIGDBPATH = "C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Configuration\Config.sdf" Dim objConn, strQuery, RS Set objConn = CreateObject( "ADODB.Connectio...
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600110: Is there a scripted way to put checks on hold?
Sure. This can be done easily through the following VBSscript. Make sure the path to the configuration file (Config.sdf) is valid. The following scripts sets the Check with ID=10434 on hold. Run the script from the Command Line using the CSCRIPT.EXE script interpreter. Option Explicit Dim strDbConn, objConn, strSqlQuery strDbConn = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.CE.OLEDB.3.5;" &_ "Data Source=C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Configuration\Config.sdf" Set objConn = CreateObje...
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

Q6600100: When I click on the 'service' icon in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor toolbar, I cannot stop or start the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service with error "Unable to execute command. Make sure you are an Administrator". What can I do?
There can be two reasons for that: You're not logged on as an Administrator. You must be an Administrator of the computer in order to query/stop/start a service; Windows UAC (User Access Control) requires you to use the 'Run As Administrator' option in order to stop/start the service. One way to do this is, is by pressing the SHIFT key and hold while you right-click the Manager shortcut item in Windows Start menu. Then, choose 'Run As Administrator'.
Network Monitor > Configuration & Administration

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