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Q6100057: I purchased the product, and entered my license key. Now, the program prompts to Activate. What code should I enter?
The license key is a 15 character string formatted, i.e.: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Once the license key entered, you need to fill in the ActiveXperts License Activation Form. You need to fill in your license key (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and all the other information, click on the 'Get Activation Code' button, and the 8-digit Activation Code (XXXXXXXX) will be generated. Copy/paste this Activation Code in the 'Activation Code' field in the software to complete the activation process.
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Q6100055: I've purchased a copy of ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor. I receveid a License Key. Where can I fill in this License Key to activate my license?
It's very simple: just launch the ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor Manager application, click on the Help menu and select the License Information menu item. Here, you can enter the license key. After the license key is entered, it will prompt to Activate the license key. See also
Environmental Monitor > Licensing

Q6100035: If I buy a license, do I need to pay for future releases?
An ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor licenses is perpetual, i.e. a permanent long life license. A customer can use the software version forever. However, in order to receive product upgrades and support services, customer needs a valid maintenance support contract. Maintenance is free during the first year! After this free Maintenance period, Licensee is offered a maintenance renewal automatically via e-mail. The price for the Maintenance Agreement is approx. 15% of the price that was paid for...
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Q6100070: How much does a maintenance contract cost?
During the first (1) year after purchase, Maintenance is free. After this free Maintenance year, Licensee may purchase Maintenance. The price for the Maintenance Agreement is approx. 15% of the price that was paid for the product. Customers choose between one-, two- and three years Maintenance Agreement renewal. Please read the Maintenance Agreement document for more details.
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Q6100080: My maintenance contract already expired. Can I still renew it?
Renewals that come in after the maintenance has expired will be backdated to start from the old expiry date. Also, you are only able to get Technical Support and Software Maintenance if your support contract is valid.
Environmental Monitor > Licensing

Q6100030: I want to purchase ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor. Do I need to purchase any commercial ActiveXperts components to cover all functionality?
No, you don't. An ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor license automatically includes an ActiveXperts SMS Component license, an ActiveXperts Email Component license, an ActiveXperts Network Component license and an ActiveXperts Scripting Component license. You can even use these components inside your custom ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor scripts.
Environmental Monitor > Licensing

Q6100005: What are the licensing options for ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor and what are the costs?
To learn about the different license options for ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor, click here.
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