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Q5570020: We are using the component within HTML/JavaScript code. The browser is Internet Explorer. Each time the ActiveX control is loaded by the browser, a security warning is displayed. Have you any suggestion to avoid this message?
There are basically three ways to avoid prompting: Add the website that hosts the ActiveX component to the trusted sites of all Internet Explorers. This would need some automatic configuration on your LAN's Internet Explorers, for instance through Group Policy (recommended) or through logon script. This way you only decrease Internet Explorer security for that particular site. Security for all other sites remains the same. This solution only works as long as the SMS and MMS Toolkit ...
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Q5570030: I want to sign the SMS and MMS Toolkit module so it can be used by any browser in our network without any security alerts. How can I digitally sign the module?
Please read the following article: How to digitally sign an ActiveXperts software component.
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Q5570010: How do I use the SMS and MMS Toolkit objects in my HTML form?
Please read the following document: Using SMS and MMS Toolkit with HTML. This document describes how to refer to the SMS and MMS Toolkit library, and how to declare, create and use the objects.
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