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Q5440010: Do you have a list of supported MM7 MMS providers?
No we do not have such a list, because this information is not on the internet, because most providers do not advertise for this service, but most operators have a MM7 gateway, so the best is to ask your local network operator
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Q5440015: Can I use your software with all available MM7 providers in the world?
No, you can't. There are so many different MM7 providers in the world, that we cannot guarantee that our software works with all MM7 providers. You should test the ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit software with your prefered MM7 provider before you purchase to ensure that the software/provider combination works without any problems.
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Q5440020: What settings do I have to use for the MM7 demo application?
This depends on the provider you are going to use. There are no free MM7 providers around, so you have to subscribe to a commercial MM7 provider or MM7 connection to your local telecom provider.
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Q5440030: When I am trying to send a MMS messages using the MM7 protocol I receive the following error: 33837 (MM7 Error: Service denied). Why?
This error can have many causes: The ProviderAccountName is not correctly set; The ProviderAccountPassword is not correctly set; The VASPID is not correctly set; The VASID is not correctly set; The number format is incorrect; One of the attachments is rejected.
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