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Q5400010: When sending a MMS message I receive error 31734 while connecting. What does it mean?
This error means: 'The PPP link control protocol was terminated'. When this error occurs, you probably specified an incorrect APN name, APN account or APN password.
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Q5400020: When sending or receiving MMS messages, i received the following error: #33730 (No response received from WAP gateway) what's wrong ?
The error means that the software was able to connect to the data network, but wasn't able to connect the MMSC through the specified WAP Gateway or Proxy. There are several factors that might cause this problem: There is a problem with the GPRS/UMTS modem; Try another modem; You specified an incorrect WAP gateway address; Contact your operator to doublecheck this value; The APN specified is incorrect; You specified an invalid APN account or password; The firewall is blocking traffic to the dialu...
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Q5400040: When i try to receive MMS, I only receive a text SMS with an URL to the operators website. What is wrong ?
When the operator is not sure whether a GSM phone of modem is able to handle MMS messages, it will send a link to their website where you can view the message. The solution is very simple, just send out a MMS message with this phone or modem and the SIM card you want to use. After this MMS messages will be delivered directly to your GSM modem.
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